4A Games knows a thing or two about gun porn, loading the Metro series with brutal makeshift weapons, even adopting ammo as the chief form of currency. Basically, we 4A Games knows which side of its bread is buttered. Metro Exodus looks no different, offering a huge array of weaponry to help players make it through the apocalyptic Russian wilderness alive.

The new trailer for Metro Exodus is all about the weapons, from the stealth options of silenced handguns or a crossbow, through to horde-shredding assault rifles. The Bastard Gun makes a return as the pistol connoisseurs' choice.

The quad-barrel Duplet shotgun is back, and there is arguably no more satisfying a way to overkill an enemy than with a four-shot burst.

What I do always find exciting about single-player FPS though, particularly when they don’t include any multiplayer whatsoever, is that 4A Games doesn’t have to worry about PvP balance and making sure every weapon has the appropriate strengths and weakness. They can just do whatever the heck they want, Some of the guns just look outright OP, provided you can scavenge the right ammo for it.

There’s not long to go now, Metro: Exodus comes to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 15th. A couple of days ago it emerged Metro Exodus will be using Denuvo DRM on PC.