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Subnautica’s eagerly anticipated Below Zero expansion will be launching into Early Access on January 30th. The particularly good news is that despite Subnautica being an early (and free) showpiece for the Epic store, Subnautica: Below Zero will be available in Early Access on Steam, Discord and the Epic Games Store.

A special live stream event fully unveiling Below Zero will be taking place at 6pm UTC on January 30th. Up until now, all we’ve seen of the ice-laden survival expansion is a bunch of artwork so it’ll be interesting to see just what Unknown Worlds is cooking up.

Subnautica: Below Zero is set on a new planet this time around. Planet 4546B is a watery planet encased in thick ice. There’s been a disaster at an alien research station and players must craft tools, scavenge for supplies and work their way through another episode in the Subnautica story, this time contending with freezing temperatures and a frosty surface that prevents coming up for air.

The timing of this now makes a great deal of sense as to why Unknown Worlds was giving Subnautica away for free over the holidays. That said, they have warned that Below Zero will be the unfinished article at launch. It’ll be “full of bugs”, will lack polish, may not run with stable frame rates, and will have missing features. Just like the original Subnautica, the idea is to use fan feedback to shape the experience but you have been warned.

Look out for Subnautica: Below Zero in Early Access from January 30th.