Nintendo is allegedly looking at releasing a revised version of its Nintendo Switch console according to a report from Japanese finance specialists The Nikkei.

According to the report, Nintendo is planning to launch a new Switch at some point during the 2020 fiscal year,  which runs from April 1st, 2019 through to March 31st, 2020.

The new version of the console will allegedly be targeting the handheld gaming market in a bigger way with a slimmer design and an improved battery life. It could potentially even forgo the TV dock entirely and service as a proper replacement to the Nintendo 3DS as Nintendo looks to reinvigorate itself in the handheld market once more.

This does away with any reports or rumours of a more powerful Nintendo Switch that could’ve been in the works. It’s rarely the Nintendo way this early in a system’s lifespan. The Japanese usually prefers to look at ways of bringing the cost down rather than raising it, and a handheld version fits the bill nicely. Considering just how well the Switch has been selling at $300, a $200 handheld version could sell gangbusters.

Nikkei suggests Nintendo could be looking to release the new version of the Switch console as soon as this summer, so we can possibly expect to hear something about it very soon indeed.

Would you be interested in a budget-priced Nintendo Switch with a handheld focus?