If you can forgive, for a moment, their egregious sins that must be punished by eternal torment in the seventh layer of Hell, then 4A Games have revealed a brand spanking new in-depth trailer providing the low-down on all that Metro Exodus is.

And, well, it’s looking pretty damned fantastic no matter where you have to buy the game. Metro Exodus promises to feature an expansive world, massive levels, and the freedom for players to go about it their own way, with their own playstyles.

There’s the promise of no “pointless fetch quests” in Metro Exodus. Instead, each and every mission and side-quest is tied directly into Metro’s lore and helps players to discover the grim truths behind the locations they’re visiting. While the year-long journey across Russia is linear by nature, each of the environs promises to be massive and open, prompting players to explore, discovering new routes or ways of overcoming any horrors that may lurk within.

Yep, it’s looking fantastic alright, although to get Metro Exodus looking anywhere near its best you’re going to need to meet its lofty set of system requirements. Metro 3 is looking to be one of the most demanding PC games in the world when it arrives.

Metro Exodus is out on February 15th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store.