Total War developer Creative Assembly has confirmed it’s working on a new first-person shooter which Hollywood director Neill Blomkamp says has an “amazing core concept.”

“So, this happened. @NeillBlomkamp dropped by CA HQ for a behind-the-scenes look at the development of our brand-new FPS IP!” wrote the official Creative Assembly Twitter account.

Blomkamp posted a reply claiming “The FPS they are building is extremely cool. Amazing core concept. Had an awesome time. Thanks @CAGames for hosting me!”

Blomkamp is an established director of mostly sci-fi movies, including breakout hit District 9, Elysium and, more recently, the divisive Chappie. He’s also cooking up a new RoboCop movie which has yet to hit pre-production. Could this potentially have something to what Creative Assembly is working on behind-the-scenes?

Creative Assembly has already branched away from Total War in a big way with Alien Isolation back in 2014. It still stands tall as one of the finest first-person survival horror games in existence, and fans have been calling out for a sequel. The muted success of AI makes that prospect a little unlikely, and Creative Assembly has now effectively confirmed this project isn’t Alien Isolation 2 when it said it’s going to be a “brand-new FPS IP”. It also kind of rules out RoboCop, depending on how far CA wants to take the definition of “new FPS IP”.

What are you hoping Creative Assembly is concocting? Would you like to see an entirely new IP from CA, or an adaptation of a movie IP that hasn't enjoyed videogame stardom yet?