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EA wants you to forget, just for a moment, all about its other sci-fi shooter that’s arrived out of nowhere and is breaking records, to remember that BioWare’s Anthem is actually coming out next week (sort of).

We’ve been sent along a new trailer for Anthem and if you’re in any doubts as to what it’s trying to drum up, the “EA GAMES UNVEIL ANTHEM LAUNCH HYPE TRAILER!”  title succinctly does the job.

Reactions to the Anthem beta tests have been mixed, to say the least. There are folks that are loving it and others that find it absolutely uninspiring. It takes a brave person to drop the cash on an Anthem pre-order but we’re certainly keen to see how the final game shakes out. I think the main thing a lot of BioWare fans are keen to know is the level of storytelling involved. This is where BioWare made its name and it’s still unclear whether we’re getting a straightforward loot shooter or something with a little more narrative bite.

Anthem’s out on, well, it’s complicated, but it’s out anywhere from February 15th to the 22nd, depending on which version you buy and what platform you’re playing on. It’s coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Who's planning on picking up Anthem next week? Have the beta tests cooled your interest or raised your hype? Let us know below!