It’s that of the time again where we’re ready for another straw poll on which resolutions we’re all gaming out.

Nvidia has dropped an entire new generation of RTX 20 Series graphics cards since our poll, simultaneously targeting 4K with its top-end GPUs while also trying to sell their ray-tracing capabilities. 4K and raytracing aren’t really compatible, so if you’re interested in real-time raytracing then you’ve got yet another reason to stick with your trust 1080p display.

Things have been a little bit quiet on the AMD front but they have got a bevy of graphics cards targeting 1440p now, including the Radeon RX 56, RX Vega 64, and the new Radeon VII which can hit 4K at a stretch.

In our 2018 poll on gaming resolutions, the overwhelming majority of you said you were gaming at 1920 x 1080. It’s been the standard resolution for the best part of a decade now and it seemed like it did the job well enough for most of you.

After 1080p, 1440p was the second most popular, while 4K was just about the third-most popular PC gaming resolution. GD has a community full of gaming enthusiasts and yet the number of us gaming at 4K was just 7.4% of the number playing at 1080p.

If we go back even further down the rabbit hole, to 2017, we can see some other interesting figures. At that point, 43% were player at 1080p, so this resolution is actually increasing in popularity if anything. Two years ago, just 0.69% of PC gamers surveyed were playing at 4K though, so 4K’s popularity increased about nine-fold within a year.

So we were wondering what the situation here is on GD and how your setups are changing GPU advances. Are you still rocking your dependable 1080p display or have upgraded to a higher resolution yet? Is the far more powerful hardware needed for a resolution bump worth the cost?

Get voting and let us know what your thoughts are below!

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"currently using a 27" 1080p 144hz monitor. will only upgrade for an OLED 1440p/4K 144+hz monitor :)"
"as high i can get has long i can keep 60fps…4k in some games bus the majority is 1440p…"
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