Battle royales have become a global phenomenon and all the biggest publishers are chasing that sweet, sweet cash. But which is the best? We’ve had a poll like this before, back in August 2018. At the time, PUBG walked out the winner but things have changed a whole lot since then. Namely, Call of Duty: Blackout and Apex Legends have been released, and both have been big success stories in their own ways.

Call of Duty: Blackout was probably the biggest draw of the entire Black Ops 4 package, while Apex Legends hit 10 million players within 72 hours of its launch. We suspect that figure is now much, much higher after a hectic weekend.

The battlegrounds have changed then, and there now are four chief contenders in the realm of battle royale. This time around we’ve done away with the fraff and the bit-part players, this is all about four of the biggest battle royale games in existence, and which is your favourite.


Player Count - 100

Modes - Singles, Duos, Squads

Publisher/Developer - PUBG Corp/PUB Corp

PUBG was the original battle royale game to absolutely blow and it’s still doing huge numbers despite the intense competition. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds favours more milsim elements with a great focus on realism and quick time-to-kill. Features comfortably the largest maps in the battle royale scene, as well as vehicles and weapon attachments.



Player Count - 100

Modes - Singles, Duos, Squads

Publisher/Developer - Epic/Epic

Fortnite is currently the most popular game on the planet and firmly embedded into pop culture. Epic’s cartoony third-person shooter provides a big twist on the usual battle royale formula due to its building mechanics. Forts can be constructed in a matter of seconds and it’s here where high-end players really separate themselves. The building means Fortnite probably has the highest potential skill ceiling of the bunch.


Call of Duty: Blackout

Player Count - 88

Modes - Singles, Duos, Squads

Publisher/Developer - Activision/Treyarch

Slotting in nicely between PUBG and Fortnite, Blackout is a slick, fast-paced military shooter that is much less punishing than PUBG. Call of Duty’s run and gun arcade gunplay is intact, although it arguably suffers a little over long distance firefights. Blackout features a greatest hits package of Call of Duty maps stitched together, providing a map size comparable to that of Fortnite. Blackout also features a handful of driveable vehicles such as helicopters and quad bikes, as well as PUBG-style weapon attachments.


Apex Legends

Player Count - 60

Modes - Trios

Publisher/Developer - EA/Respawn

A newcomer to the battle royale scene, Apex Legends makes many strides forward for the genre yet also strips things down to the bare essentials. It’s trios online in Apex Legends, although this is balanced around the inclusion of hero characters, each of which has potentially match-winning special abilities. Apex Legends features perhaps the strongest loot and weapon attachment systems, clearly identifying good loot and automatically applying attachments to the appropriate weapons. On the downside, Apex Legends features no loot.

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There are the four big boys then, which is your current reigning champion? Get voting and let us know why in the comments below!

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