Rage 2
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We’re getting very near to go time on Rage 2 and Bethesda has revealed an extensive new featurette on Rage 2 that reveals a whole bunch of new locations, abilities, and brutal weapons for tackling this apocalyptic wasteland.

So far the only big worry we have is in regards to vehicle handling. Previews of Rage 2 haven’t been so hot on this so far and we’d have expected solid car handling from the creators of Mad Max.

Vehicles aside, the DOOM-style first-person shooter elements look fantastic. id Software’s influence can be keenly felt, from the slick, fast pace to the brutal finishers and enemies spewing out health pick-ups. It all lends Rage 2 a really aggressive playstyle that’s about getting up in enemy faces rather than picking them off from afar.

It looks as if Rage 2 is also going to have a ton of tools to get playful with, including gravity distortion, propulsion grenades, a rather meaty looking ground slow, and some crazy Needler-type weapon the burrows into enemies before sending them flying off in the opposite direction.

Rage 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 14th. It's looking increasingly likely it's going to be a Bethesda store exclusive on PC.