Far Cry: New Dawn
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Ubisoft has made one final push to ensure the shooter you buy this Friday is Far Cry New Dawn, releasing a chaotic, off-the-wall launch trailer for its pseudo-Far Cry 5 / standalone expansion. Expanquel? Sequension? You know what I mean.

The first reviews for New Dawn are creeping out and it seems... decent, currently averaging around 75%. Not exactly blowing folks away then, but probably a fun enough time.

Far Cry isn’t exactly a series known for its restraint since Far Cry 3, although Far Cry New Dawn looks to be amping the crazier aspects to the extreme for FC: New Dawn. Gone are the hick towns, in comes the Mad Max-style apocalypse, albeit with a Rage 2-style smattering of neon pinks and blues.

If Far Cry 5 didn’t do anything for you though then it’s difficult to see what exactly Far Cry New Dawn adds to the franchise. It seems more the sort of game for those who 100%’d Far Cry 5 and are still thirsting for things to do. We can't imagine it's causing Rage 2 wake up in a cold sweat but we'll see.

Far Cry New Dawn is out tomorrow on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And, in a rare twist, you can actually buy it through Steam!

New Dawn’s PC system specs are largely identical to those for Far Cry 5, albeit for a few minor tweaks. If you could run FC5 fine, odds are Far Cry New Dawn won’t be an issue either. It’s set of a modified version of the same rural Montana map, this time dealing with post-apocalyptic gangs fighting for territory rather than a religious cult. Ahh, those were much simpler times.

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"so this is a far cry 5 reskin for 60$?"