Far Cry: New Dawn
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The times are out, we now know exactly what time the world will be able to get its hands on Far Cry: New Dawn on PC, the semi-sequel to Far Cry 5 that’s out on February 15th. Head on in to check out the full Far Cry: New Dawn release timings

When Can I Play Far Cry New Dawn?

Far Cry New Dawn unlocks at different times around the globe depending on your platform of choice and which digital store you’ve bought it from. If you pre-purchase Far Cry New Dawn digitally you can pre-load the game ahead of the unlock time.

When Does FC: New Dawn Unlock on Uplay?

Far Cry New Dawn will unlock at 00:01am in your local time on Uplay.

When Does Far Cry New Dawn Unlock on Steam?

FC: New Dawn unlocks on Steam at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET globally on February 15th.

When Does Far Cry New Dawn Unlock on Consoles?

Far Cry New Dawn on PlayStation 4 unlocks at 00:00 your local time on February 15th.

Far Cry New Dawn on Xbox One unlocks at 00:00 your local time on February 15th.

How Big is the Far Cry: New Dawn Download size?

The size of the Far Cry: New Dawn download varies depending on the platform you are playing on, as well as which territory you are in if you need to download language packs.

Far Cry New Dawn is a 19.3GB  install (17.81GB download) on PC for the base version, while the high definition HD texture pack edition is 39.2GB. The HD texture pack will provide higher quality textures in Far Cry New Dawn but will require a graphics card with plenty of VRAM.

The PlayStation 4 FCND download size is 22.7GB.

Xbox One’s Far Cry New Dawn download is 20.7GB.

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"Do we honestly really wanna play it though? I for one have gotten sick of UBISOFT destroying franchises, stopped playing AC and last year stopped playing FC5.."