Data miners have been going a little bit mad with the latest build of Apex Legends, uncovering a whole treasure trove of potential updates coming to the battle royale shooter. This includes new modes, features, and the skills of the first two new Legends.

We’ll start with the modes then, and the obvious news that solo and duo modes could be on the way soon. So far, so vanilla. Things get a little more interesting from there though, including a mode called Survival that sounds as if it’s going to be more game show themed. Details are hazy on this one, although it sounds as if there will commentators as well as spectator NPCs cheering the brutality. There’s also talk of a hover tank and titans dropping in this mode. The hover tank could just be the moving ship that roams the map, or it could be something else entirely.

RealApexLeaks, via Twitter, has also discovered the fascinating-sounding New Recruit Mode. This is a squad-based mode but when you down a player you can revive them and they’ll join your team, permanently bolstering your numbers. The last team alive wins. Simple.

There’s also info on a potential replay system. It sounds as if this could be a lot like Overwatch and Call of Duty’s Play of the Game systems, highlighting a particularly spectacular moment from gameplay.

Those of you jonesing for new playable characters will be pleased to hear about Octane and Wattson. These are potentially the first two post-launch Legends coming to Apex. Octane has some sort of Stim pack with undetermined effects while Wattson can drop a deadly Tesla Trap. I'm better in the Stim pack providing a speed and accuracy boost.

We've barely had enough time to mess around the current crop of eight characters, although most of us have already settled on a few early favourites.

Respawn’s currently deep into patching mode with Apex Legends as it looks to iron out any potential bugs across all three platforms, as well as eradicating cheater. We should get our first new Apex Legends content in March though, according to the content roadmap. This is set to include new Legends, new weapons, new gear and the launch of the Battle Pass.

We'll update you just as soon as we hear anything more.