Far Cry New Dawn has landed with a damper squib than Ubisoft was expecting. The sales charts for the UK see Far Cry ReShade New Dawn narrowly take the top spot, although the post-apocalyptic shooter’s opening weekend was 86.5% down compared to Far Cry 5 and, in a fairer comparison, just a quarter of Far Cry Primal’s launch.

These figures only account for physical game sales here the UK but they give us a rough point of reference for how games are faring. Far Cry: New Dawn hasn’t made the biggest splash then, although it’s indicative of just how well Far Cry 5 sold that a game can sell 86.5% fewer copies and still top the charts.

Over on Steam, Far Cry New Dawn appears to have had a similarly tepid launch. It currently sits at the 4th spot on the bestsellers list, below Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, Football Manager 2019 and Rocket League. Our own most popular games list on GD also serves as a fairly reliable barometer of public interest and Far Cry: New Dawn is currently sat below Resident Evil 2 Remake, Anthem, PUBG, and Metro Exodus. Perhaps it was just too soon for another full-fat Far Cry game.

The other massive launch of last week was the aforementioned Metro Exodus, which was pipped to the top spot by 2,000 copies. Despite selling less than New Dawn, Metro Exodus’s sales were up 50% when compared to Metro: Last Light, particularly impressive considering the switch to digital since then. It’s easy to imagine Metro Exodus doubled Last Light’s opening week sales.

Finally, more misery was piled on Microsoft’s first-party woes with the arrival of Crackdown 3. This slumps into the charts at number 13, selling just 10% of what Crackdown 2 achieved in its first weekend. From what we’ve played it’s just not a very good game, and the reviews definitely seem to align with this. Xbox Game Pass will be a key factor here, but that didn’t stop the likes of Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon 4 lighting up the charts. Microsoft really does need to pull its finger out in terms of first-party exclusives, and pull it out soon.