Cloud computing is currently the buzzword for the future of large-scale multiplayer gaming, and Microsoft has partnered up with Hadean to bring the Aether Engine to its Microsoft Azure cloud computing service.

The Aether Engine can be used to scale multiplayer games to a size and complexity we’ve never seen before, accomplishing it faster speeds and with greater scalability thanks to the cloud.

This technology isn’t just restricted to games and is being used for medical applications, but one aspect is its gaming capabilities and potential to absolutely massive-scale multiplayer gaming experiences. Hadean plans to reveal a 10,000 player game using the Aether Engine and running on Azure during GDC 2019, which runs from March 18-22.

“We’re thrilled to use Microsoft Azure to power Hadean’s technology as we continue to enable developers to pursue their creative vision without any friction,” said Craig Beddis, CEO for Hadean. “The games industry is one of the most exciting in the world and it’s vital we empower developers to create experiences that no other medium can offer. By offering scale to developers through Microsoft technologies such as Azure, we can do just that.”

“We are pleased to see Hadean integrate their technology with Microsoft Azure,” said Bryan Saftler, director of product marketing at Microsoft. “The combination of Azure plus Hadean’s cloud-based OS and distributed simulation engine offers developers incredibly powerful DevOps tools so they can focus on what they do best – build games.”

It’s all a bit pie-in-the-sky until we see it in action but we haven’t got long to wait until we can see this supposed 10,000-player multiplayer carnage at GDC next month. I for one can’t wait for my chance of winning a battle royale to shrink down to 0.01%.