Intel has got back into the Pentium game once again, launching the new Intel Pentium Gold G5620 processor, among other new arrivals in the Pentium and Celeron ranges. In a first for the Pentium range, the G5620 is clocked at 4.0 GHz right out of the box, making it fastest the Pentium CPU yet.

The Pentium Gold G5620 is a dual-core multi-threaded CPU designed for the entry-level market. It carries an expected price tag of around $100, undercutting the lowest-end Core i3-8100 desktop CPU which retails for around $119. The Core i3 is quad-core, however, although it sports a lower 3.6 GHz clock speed.

Intel’s new Pentium chip features integrated UHD 630 graphics, 512KB L2 cache, 4MB shared L3 cache and a 65W TDP. For whatever reason, it’s also got dual-channel DDR4 support for up to 64GB RAM. It would be an odd pairing with such a cheap CPU but it’s doable.

The performance is unlikely to set the world alight but its high clock speed means the Pentium Gold G5620 should be a very capable low-end CPU. We saw similar back in 2017 when Intel launched the Pentium G4560, although that launched with far more competitive pricing of $64 MSRP. This actually caused a sharp drop in demand for Core i3 CPUs, so it would appear Intel is setting the bar a little higher with the G5620 in order to prevent the cannibalisation of its own CPUs.

The Pentium Gold G5620 is beginning to filter out to retailers soon, with general availability in March, carrying an expected price point of around $100.

Intel’s plans for its upcoming Pentium Gold and Celeron processors don’t end there either, with a trio of even lower-end Pentium Gold CPUs arriving alongside three Celeron parts without multithreading.

  Cores/Threads Clock Speed L3 Cache iGPU TDP
Pentium Gold G5620 2/4 4 GHz 4MB UHD 630 65 W
Pentium Gold G5420 2/4 3.8 GHz     65 W
Pentium Gold G5600T 2/4 3.3 GHz     35 W
Pentium Gold G5420T 2/4 3.2 GHz   UHD 610 35 W
Celeron G4950 2/2 3.3 GHz 2MB   65 W
Celeron G4930 2/2 3.2 GHz     65 W
Celeron G4930T 2/2 3 GHz     35 W

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