The Dreams closed beta wrapped up a few weeks ago and the results were pretty wild. Fans had six weeks to dream up their creations, building everything from first-person shooters to pod racers, 2D platformers, and even damn impressive recreations of Dead Space and PT. There’s no doubting that Dreams is some powerful software, but it’s something that’s been floating around for years with no release date in sight.

Well, things have taken a positive step forward today. Media Molecule has announced the PS4 exclusive Dreams will be releasing in Early Access form in Spring. The Dreams Creator Early Access is designed to give creators all the tools they need to get building and to help flesh out in the catalogue of content for when Dreams finally launches.

For the uninitiated, Dreams provides the tools for players to build just about anything. It’s a game engine, just in a more intuitive form. Players are free to build their own objects and textures, design soundtracks, add their own audio, and even individually animate everything. It’s Little Big Planet on steroids; no longer hemmed in by being a platformer first and foremost.

You can see the sort of stuff that’s been made already in the new trailer today, ranging from the fantastic to the bizarre.

The Creator Early Access for Dreams will include 100% of the tools Media Molecule itself uses to create content for Dreams. Any progress made in the beta will still be there in the Early Access version, while all creations will also be compatible with the launch version. There won’t be any traditional single-player in there but players will be free to try out other users’ creations.

It's all sorts of genius that Media Molecule is convincing folks to pay to fill their game with interesting stuff for other people. If it works, it works, we guess.

If you’re interested in giving it a shot when it arrives in Spring, Dreams Early Access will cost $30/€30 and will get you access to the full game at launch.