It’s had the biggest target painted on it that we can remember for some time, but Metro Exodus has succumbed to crackers within just five days of its launch.

The Denuvo v5.6 Anti Tamper Protection present on Metro Exodus was cracked by the notorious CPY group on February 20th.

Metro Exodus quickly drew ire from a…. certain segment of its fanbase when it was revealed in quick succession it would use Denuvo DRM and it would also be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. Suffice to say, this subset of fans weren’t at all happy and, anecdotally at least, it seemed plenty of people were saying they wouldn’t be buying Metro Exodus now. Whether they were ever actually planning to buy it, well that’s the million dollar question.

At this point, whether the use of Denuvo bothers you or not, it’s becoming difficult to argue that it’s providing any sort of value to publishers. Denuvo used to be seen as a sort of impenetrable force but the truth is that its protection barely lasts a few days for practically all the biggest releases.

If I offer you some antivirus software that would your PC virus-free for five days, would you buy it? If I sold you a copy of Windows 10 that would be guaranteed to work for at least a weekend, would you buy it?  The answer to those questions is most probably an emphatic ‘no’, so either Denuvo is fantastic value for publishers or there just isn’t any other solution that can hope to do better. Denuvo will argue its software protected Metro Exodus for five crucial days, but how many extra sales did it really earn?

We could around on this for days like we do every time, but I’m a firm believe that publishers do have a right to protect their games using DRM if they wish to. That doesn’t translate to being pro-DRM, just that as a choice, I don’t see an issue with a creator trying to protect their works from being pirated. Denuvo doesn’t feel as if it’s working though, so it needlessly becomes a bit of software that only affects legitimate users within a matter of days of most game launches.

Anyway, over to you, and needless to say please, no advocating piracy in the comments section below. If you want to play Metro Exodus we suggest you pay up and support it or wait until the eventual Steam release next year.