The end-game was probably the sorest point of the original The Division when it launched, but in the intervening years, Ubisoft worked wonders in turning things around. All those lessons learned appear to be going straight into The Division 2 at launch, hopefully ensuring we should have some really rather special indeed.

Ubisoft has given us a peek behind the curtain at the endgame in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 with an all-new gameplay trailer. Once players hit level 30 they’ll be able to take on one of several specializations, each with a unique signature weapon and extra skills to use. They’ll then be able to head into a variety of endgame activities, whether that’s joining a Clan for co-op missions or PvP, attempting 8-player raids, or taking on the Black tusks faction that only appears at the end of the game.

The Division 2’s endgame will also be regularly updated with new content for free through the year, including extra story missions, map expansions, and new game features. Presumably, any content after the first year will then be part of a season pass.l

The Division 2 is out on March 15th but ahead of then, there’s an open beta test which runs from March 1st through to March 4th. There’s no pre-order required this time, just download the game through Uplay, hop in, and give it a shot.

As seems to be customary these days, there are also versions of The Division 2 which will grant you three days early access to The Division 2, granting entry on March 12th for a prohibitive price. Speaking from experience, this only tends to lead to regret a few days later after you’ve spaffed £30 on playing early, but the choice is yours.