4A Games has pushed out a new hotfix for Metro Exodus on PC, specifically taking aim at stability, RTX optimisation, DLSS improvements, and optimisation for running Metro Exodus on low-spec PCs.

All of these tweaks should, in theory, mean Metro Exodus runs better and looks better than it did on launch day, particularly for GeForce RTX owners. On launch day, DLSS support caused extremely blurry image quality, particularly considering the comparatively minor increase to frame rates.

Metro Exodus Hotfix Patch Notes:

  • General Stability fixes
  • Optimization for Lower spec PC's
  • DLSS fixes and improvements to sharpness
  • Fixed wallmark vfx for DX11
  • RTX fixes and optimization
  • Added bugtrap support for reporting crashes to 4A Games
  • Benchmark tool fixes

Naturally, I wanted to see if there was any truth to all of this. I’ve headed back in and taken a pair of new screenshots to try and highlight any potential DLSS sharpness improves in Metro 3.


Aaaand, big improvements all around. Nvidia and 4A Games have clearly been beavering away on 1080p DLSS support in Metro Exodus and I think the results speak for themselves. It's an impressive turnaround and worlds apart from how it looked pre-patch.

DLSS now almost has the same clarity at this resolution as when the feature is disabled. You only see the performance benefits if you play with ray-tracing on Ultra or above 1080p with the RTX 2060 but the support is now at a great level compared to Day 1.

Unfortunately, as of this latest patch it’s capping my frame rate in the benchmark tool at 62.5 FPS for some reason, meaning benchmarking the optimisation changes is relatively useless until I can figure out what’s causing this. There is no option to enable V-Sync in the benchmark setup so it’s something else that’s causing this issue. I did run a quick test with the PNY RTX 2060 with the High graphics and High ray-tracing preset, averaging 57 frames per second. That’s marginally higher than the 56fps in my previous runs but the data is a bit useless with this cap on it.

I’ll update this article just as soon as I can figure out what’s changed and what’s causing this issue. If anyone’s got Metro Exodus and you have any solutions to this, I’m all ears!