Hunt: Showdown
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Crytek is continuing to make positive strides with Hunt Showdown whilst it’s in Early Access, unveiling the powerful new Immolator AI class that’s looking to burn players to the ground.

The Immolator lays silent and unmoving until he’s disturbed, at which point he’ll charge at any nearby movement, whether that’s players or other AI. When shot it bursts into flames, which could pose a problem when it’s one of the fastest moving enemies yet seen in Hunt. Unpredictability seems to be top of the agenda here, and the Immolator can even smash down doors to get to players. There’ll literally be no escape other than dropping enough bullets into its head

“The Immolator seems to be the most tormented of them all,” explains Crytek. “The smallest movement sends him into a rage, attacking chaotically, and when shot burning even hotter and charging like an angry bull. He is, of course, extinguished in water (and can be fatally consumed by his own internal flames), but otherwise, represents the most intelligent example I have seen. The beast can actually open doors!” My dog actually did that at the weekend, so I don’t know if that’s actually the most impressive feat but the Immolator looks pretty fearsome all the same.

He sounds a bit like those exploding bomb head people from Serious Sam, although I imagine he’ll be a whole lot tougher than those flaming glass cannons.

You can look forward to the Immolator hitting the Hunt Showdown test servers soon, although Crytek has yet to reveal an official date.