The previously untouchable dominance of Fortnite looks as if it’s under threat. New figures published for the highest grossing titles worldwide in January 2019 has revealed Fortnite’s earnings dropped a massive 48% month on month compared to December.

Year-over-year Fortnite is still on the up, but in January 2018 Fortnite was still yet to reach its peak craziness. "This comes after a peak month in December and points to an increasingly lumpy revenue profile heading into 2019" reads the report from market researcher SuperData.

While there’s little doubt Fortnite is still making absolute bank, these figures are also for the month before Apex Legends launched. Respawn’s multiplayer shooter has been making serious waves, hitting 25 million players within just a week of its launch. Make no mistake, Apex Legends may not be eating Fortnite’s lunch but it’s definitely stealing a Cheestring or two.

It all means that Fortnite was no longer the top-earner in January 2019 on any platform. Those honours go to Dungeon Fighter Online on PC, FIFA 19 on console, and Honour of Kings on Mobile.

Overall spend was down 6% year-on-year, suggesting a market contraction. The biggest dip was on PC, with spending dropping 29% globally. There are various things to blame here but the obvious point is the disappointing sales of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Red Dead Online being absolutely atrocious, and Fortnite simply consuming a whole lot of gamers’ attention over the past year.

Is Fortnite's time in the sun over? Is Apex going to be a flash-in-the-pan success? Where do gamings' big money-makers go from here? Let us know below!