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Insurgency Sandstorm enjoyed a slightly problematic yet massive launch. The dust has somewhat settled now and some of the prominent bugs and issues have been squashed, so naturally, it’s time for more content. The first major content update dropped for Insurgency: Sandstorm yesterday, adding in the new arcade playlist, five new weapons, a firing range, and, yes, some much-needed performance improvements.

Arcade mode sounds like a decent way to freshen up the experience, allowing New World Interactive to mess around with non-traditional game modes that’ll be regularly updated and switched around. Proceedings kick off with some classic Team Deathmatch, albeit with custom weapon loadouts and no faction restrictions.

There are five new weapons to try out this new mode, including the MP5A2 and MP5A5 SMGs, M240B and MG3 machine guns and the PF940 security handgun.

In terms of the performance improvements, NWI has said memory usage has been greatly reduced in Insurgency Sandstorm, there’s more mesh instancing, decreased the number of persistent components in levels, and there is improved screen size fading of smaller decals. All of these things should contribute to smoother performance in Insurgency 2, and it’s certainly needed in a game which has very poor performance in its current incarnation.

Insurgency Sandstorm developer NWI has also confirmed it’s hit half a million copies sold in its first two months. That’s enough to cover the development costs and marketing, with some left for spare. Congratulations to NWI then, they’re off to a great start to Insurgency: Sandstorm. This is far from the last we’ll be hearing about this game.