The first season of the fourth year of content for Rainbow Six Siege has gone live. Operation Burnt Horizon adds a brand new Aussie-themed map and Operators but it weighs in at a humongous 54GB download on PC.

R6: Siege Y4S1 patch sizes vary depending on which platform you’re playing on. It’s biggest on PC at 54GB, Xbox One players must download 38GB and PS4 is the smallest at a mere 33GB. This is basically redownloading the entire game again.

On the subject of the huge patch sizes, Ubisoft said: “to help optimize player experience for future updates, we are also in the process of restructuring how our game data is stored - this will help consolidate and reduce the overall game size.” They did also say the exact same thing a couple of years back and promise it would make patch sizes smaller, so take this with a big ol’ pinch of salt.

Nevertheless, Operation Burnt Horizon welcomes some big changes to Siege. Lean spamming should now be more difficult as players will have to lean out further to see around a corner. Sprinting animations have been updated; players revived from DBNO now return at just 20HP, and the clearance level for Ranked has been bumped up to level 30. The full list of changes, including patch notes, can be seen here.

Content-wise, we’ve got the arrival of the new Outback map and Mozzie and Gridlock Operators. Outback is a map set around a remote Australian gas station and harks back to some of Siege’s earlier map designs, aiming to move away from the complex nature of recent maps.

Mozzie is an Australian defender who’s part of the SASR CTU. His unique ability is a Pest Launcher, firing little devices that attach to attackers’ drones and hack them, allowing the defending team to view them and also mark enemy locations. He’s got access to a Commando 9 carbine assault rifle or P10 Roni machine pistol for rapid close-range damage. His secondary is a shotgun.

Gridlock, meanwhile, is a trap-based attacker who has the potential to be the strongest area denier yet, particularly in terms of attackers. Her Trax Stingers blanket an area with floor spikes that can damage roaming defenders, allowing her to block off corridors or access points. They can be destroyed easily enough but at the cost of firing a bullet and giving away your position.

All of these changes are now live in the free Operation Burnt Horizon update for Rainbow Six Siege.

How are you finding the new maps and Operators? Or has the massive download meant you’re out of action for a while?