Schedule to launch at some point this month, the tutorial trailer for Battlefield V’s upcoming Firestorm battle royale has leaked. And look, I know you’re probably sick to death of battle royale by now but have you got room for just one more?

Firestorm will be playable in solos, duos, and squads, with a maximum of 64 players in any match. It takes place on an all-new map that looks pretty massive in comparison to normal Battlefield V maps, providing ample room for long-range firefights and vehicular warfare. DICe has also allowed itself to get a little crazy with the game design, adding a one-man gyrocopter for kicks, among other things.

Unfortunately for DICE, it feels as if we’ve got a reversal of 2016’s Battlefield 1/Titanfall 2 situation. Both came along at similar times and Battlefield 1 crushed any chance Titanfall 2 had to succeed. Just over two years later and Respawn has had their revenge, stealing the limelight with Apex Legends before Criterion can put the finishing touches of Battlefield V’s battle royale mode.

That said, as another one of those, Firestorm does look pretty awesome. By default, we’d expect Firestorm to have the best vehicular combat of any of the big battle royale titles, while the dynamic destruction lends it a unique edge. Vehicles also have limited fuel which needs to be scavenged, adding a potentially interesting dynamic for tank drivers.

The firestorm itself also looks pretty fantastic as it closes in and destroys everything in its path. It looks far more deadly than most storm zones in battle royale so we wouldn’t be surprised if kills players off very quickly.

Apex’s abilities system is replaced by reinforcements that can be called in, while points can also be captured in order to earn some undisclosed benefits. Aside from this, Battlefield V: Firestorm seems to follow a fairly traditional battle royale ruleset.  

There’s no date for Firestorm just yet but it sounds pretty imminent. Coinciding with the start of Tides of War Chapter 3 at the end of the month sounds like a pretty safe bet. As a made it’s going to have its own progression and leveling systems, which makes it an ideal candidate to potentially splinter off and become standalone or free-to-play.

What do you think then, will Firestorm matchmaking be a barren wasteland in two months' time? Or could EA somehow have two battle royale hits on its hands?