Void Interactive has dropped a lengthy new gameplay trailer for Ready or Not, a realistic tactical first-person shooter with more than a few nods to the classic SWAT series. For those disappointed with the direction Rainbow Six took, you may want to start paying attention to this one.

They’re going all in on the tactics with Ready or Not, cramming the game with over 60 unique gadgets and a focus on non-lethal pacification. Running and gunning are thrown out. In their place are careful planning, cautious approaches, and perfect execution.

For fans of older tactical games, there’s a lot to love here, from carefully checking doors to tossing flashbangs, tense stand-offs, and squad commands. There’s realistic bullet penetration, in-depth ballistics models, deadly ricochets. The works, basically, for anyone thirsting for some gun porn.

Ready or Not is set to feature a full single-player campaign, co-op, and PvP multiplayer. Pitched as a spiritual successor to SWAT, Ready or Not is set against the backdrop of political and economic instability, tasking players with defusing hostile situations in a city on the brink of mayhem.

Void Interactive is taking their time with this one, shooting for a Q4 2020 launch for Ready or Not. Pre-orders already up on the site if you’re interested, starting at $40. That’ll net you a spot in the RoN beta test when it starts in June 2020.