Doom hasn’t had a pleasant history with cinema. The classic FPS franchise was given the big-budget Hollywood treatment in 2005 with, er, Doom, starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. It was, by and large, pretty awful aside from a fairly neat first-person demon-slaying sequence. The franchise is going to be given another shot with the reveal of the first trailer for a new Doom movie though, dubbed Doom: Annihilation.

The plot naturally revolves around a group of space marines responding to a distress signal on a Martian moon, discovering a base crawling with demonic creatures summoned straight from hell.

Ah, the trailer is named ‘We Call it Hell’ for a reason. Doom: Annihilation promises to be a direct-to-video abomination when it arrives in fall 2019. Our only hope is it’s so bad it’s good.

I mean, boy, this looks like something plucked straight from the Syfy channel. We shall see, of course; we’d love to be surprised. At least Doomgirl should wind a few people up.

Id Software, developers of Doom, has already moved to distance itself from the movie, tweeting out a nice succinct message that simply says “We’re not involved with the movie”. Probably for the best, id.

And look, it's not all bad news for Doom fans. Doom Eternal is right around the corner. Bethesda has been quiet while it builds hype for Rage 2, but we're expecting to hear plenty more on the Doom sequel later this year.

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