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Rising Storm co-developer AntiMatter Games has announced ‘83, an alt-history Cold War era multiplayer shooter (and SEO nightmare) that looks as if it’s trying to grab a slice of that Battlefield audience.

‘83 is set during the height of the Cold War, and in this alternate reality, war has erupted between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. Two big platoons of 40+ players square off against one another in large-scale objective-based warfare. They’re hewing fairly close to history with this, using the appropriate real-world infantry weapons, equipment, and powerful land and air vehicles.

As you’d expect from a Rising Storm dev, ‘83 leans a little more into the simulation aspect than recent Battlefield games. There’ll be accurate ballistic modeling, bullet penetration, and realistic recoil.

They’re also going for the persistent warfare angle in ‘83, something that’s been attempted many times but yet to be truly pulled off convincingly. Each match will feed into the larger battle across Europe, whether that’s disrupted supply lines or ravaged crops. The tides of war, combined with ‘Big Data’ analysis, will then shape which content is provided post-launch.

On the subject of ‘83’s launch, we’ve got no known date just yet, nor even which platforms it’s coming to. PC is basically a given although there is also the chance of a console launch.