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Fallout 76 has just been updated with its first free content update, breathing some new life into a world that wasn’t brimful of it at launch. Wild Appalachia adds a big ol’ bunch of new features to the ailing online RPG, including new questlines, features, events, a brewery crafting system for some dodgy moonshine, and masks, lots of terrifying masks.

Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia New Content

  • New Brewing and Distilling Features
  • A New Seasonal Event – Fasnacht Parade
  • Survival Mode
  • New C.A.M.P. Features – C.A.M.P. Decorating, Player Vending, Functional Camera
  • Legendary Vendor and Scrapping
  • New Quests: Shear Terror! and Ever Upwards

Players can embark on a new questline to discover the Nukashine brewery, which allows players to build their own brewing and distilling crafting tools to get pissed in the wasteland, utilising a brewing workbench and the fermenter for some home-brewed (and probably lethal) alcohol.

In the other new quests, it looks as if there’s going to some deadly new creatures lurking out in the wilderness. It actually looks, dare I say it, a little bit fun? Bethesda is evidently working to bring Fallout 76 back from the dead. It’s one hell of an uphill battle but we wouldn’t put it against them.

Full, and lengthy patches can be viewed here.

I did actually boot up Fallout 76 last night with the intention of checking out the new content so I could fill you in on some of the details. In its current state though, Fallout 76 is just too boring and lifeless to stomach so my foray into West Virginia ended up being very brief.

I’m still holding out hope there’s neat stuff tucked in here, and on the way with future updates, but my initial positive first few hours with Fallout 76 very quickly gave way to frustration at the lifeless world, energy management, and restrictive inventory systems. I’m still planning to keep on trying to plug away at Fallout 76 throughout the year, and this trailer has certainly piqued my interest for what could be in store if I put sufficient time in.

Is anyone out there still playing Fallout 76? Anybody tempted to jump in with these content updates? Let us know!