Last week we were treated to a cinematic look at Battlefield V's imminent Firestorm battle royale mode, and that's all well and good, but what we really wanted to see was what the game looks like in action.

DICE and Criterion Games haven't kept us waiting long though, unveiling a really quite spectacular look at the 64-player fight to the death. The map's probably the star of the show, cramming in mountain ranges, coastal regions, railyway stations, and icy lakes, covering an area 10x the size of the Hamada map from the base game.

There's not much in here that we didn't already, to be honest, but Battlefield V is looking like a slick, varied take on battle royale that could really shine with its emphasis on vehicles and destruction. 

Original Story: 14-Mar-2019 - Battlefield V's 'Firestorm' Battle Royale Trailer Revealed, New Mode Out March 25

After months of teasing, DICE has at long last revealed the first official trailer for Firestorm, the upcoming 64-player battle royale mode for Battlefield V.

Developed by Criterion Games, of Need For Speed fame, Firestorm takes place on a massive fully destructible map, the largest map yet seen in the Battlefield series. There’ll be solo, duo and squads options, as well weapons to loot, capture points and reinforcements abilities to try and swing the battle in your favour. Players will jump out of a plane at the start of a map, parachuting down to a location of their choice before scavenging like mad for weapons, upgrades, and vehicles.

As with all battle royale modes, Firestorm features a shrinking circle of play, this time aptly being a wall of fire that destroys everything in its path. Each player has a single life, and as a game progresses players are pushed together by the shrinking circle.

Bit of a banging trailer, to be honest. Battle Royale is a genre that's been done to death lately, but Battlefield's best-in-class vehicle system should lend it an interesting angle when stacked up against the competition.

Firestorm will be coming to Battlefield V as a free update on March 25th, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.