In a world where money talks, sequels reign supreme. Like it or, people love nothing more than queuing up in their millions to play a slightly different rendition of what they’ve played before.

But almost everybody has a breaking point. A singular moment at which tedium the tortoise races past hype the hare. Some of our most beloved series can be battered into the ground by endless sequels, poor decision-making, or chasing after The Next Big Thing™. Game series that we used to love become something we roll our eyes at. Familiarity breeds contempt, much like bestselling media products spawn sequels.

It’s a perfectly human reaction to boredom. At this point, the healthiest thing to do would be to stop playing these particular games, although we’re probably all guilty of giving a series ‘just one more chance’, engaged in the sort of Stockholm Syndrome usually reserved for Destiny players. Games publishers are smart about it as well. They’re probably as sick of releasing some of these games as you are of hearing about them. But a careful setting change here, a few new mechanics there; some nostalgic nods to earlier outings. They know most of us will come crawling back.

Not everyone does though. Even amongst our favourite series, eventually, we’ve had enough. In the short term, we merely wish for more of what we love. Longer term, the cracks begin to show. A lot of you have said loud and clear you don’t want annual sequels, nor do you want these sequels to be rushed. Yet publishers keep making ‘em.

At the risk of going a bit downbeat for a moment then, we want to know which game series you’ve loved and yet all that passion has fizzled out, from the great to the humdrum.

I’ll get things going with a couple of mine, both of which happen to be Ubisoft franchises. The first one is Assassin’s Creed, a series which I found pretty damn disappointing right up until Black Flag. This kickstarted my fandom and I played each of them up to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, but now I’ve just had enough. Assassin’s Creed Origins was, I think, probably the best in the series yet. It refreshed the formula a little and deepened the experience. And then AC Odyssey came along months after I finished Origins. Too much, too soon, and it’s killed my hype for future games in the series.

The second one is Far Cry, which is a bit of an odd one. I loved the original, and 2, and found Far Cry 3 to be pretty decent. Yet every Far Cry game since 3 has been a reskinned version of the same game. It’s boring, to be honest, and this series has long since left me behind. They’re all probably great individual games, but not if you’re planning to play all of these identikit games. They’re the sort of games where I can feel my mortality ticking away as I trudge over to yet another outpost or collectible.

So what are yours then? Are there any game franchises which you used to love but you’ve now grown tired of? And what can they do to tempt you back in? Let us know below!