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Dead Cells developer Motion Twin have long proven themselves a fan favourite but they’ve gone above and beyond with the announcement of Rise of the Giant, a free new DLC expansion for Dead Cells that includes new levels, bosses, weapons, mechanics, and skins.

Unfortunately, if you actually want to see all of this content you’ll need the gaming skills of Lucifer himself. There’s a new level connected to the main level structure that unlocks once you’ve beaten the game once, as well as another for those on Boss Cell 5 who’ve beaten Dead Cells through four tiers of difficulty already. If you’re one of those people, I salute you. Getting through tier 1 was difficult enough, so you sickos getting to Boss Cell 5 absolutely deserve some new content.

There’ll be a couple of new bosses thrown into the mix as well, using the same structure as the levels. One will be thrown into the normal levels while a further “insanely difficult” boss will be hidden behind the Boss Cell 5 content.

Rise of the Giant is, potentially, quite a niche bit of DLC then, although Motion Twin is also adding a smattering of more generalised content such as 10 new enemies, 13 new weapons, new blueprints, secrets, and core game system upgrades.

Last but not least, Motion Twin has answered to fan feedback and added a bunch of much-requested new skins for the playable characters. This includes access to female skins, which should get the anti-diversity mob nice and incandescent, along with fluorescent skins and even a Christmas tree because, well, we have no idea why, but it’s never too early for Christmas.

Rise of the Giant will be coming to Dead Cells as free DLC on March 28th for PC, with console versions to follow shortly after.

Jon reviewed the original Dead Cells last year, scoring it 9/10 and saying "Dead Cells is fast-paced, slick, action-packed and pitched just right in terms of difficulty. This is paired with a ridiculously addictive upgrade loop and drool-worthy animations, combining to deliver a roguelike which can stand tall alongside greats like Spelunky."