System Shock 3
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Today we’re going through some sort of rebirth of PC classics from yesteryear. No sooner have Paradox been teasing a new Vampire: The Masquerade game have OtherSide dropped a brand spanking new trailer for System Shock 3, the sequel to the cyberpunk-horror games that were ultimately the precursors to BioShock. Otherside, you really SHODAN have.

Revealed during a Unity Keynote at GDC 2019, we get the briefest of looks at what’s in store for System Shock 3, complete with the return of malevolent SHODAN AI. There’s also an angry looking fella, but who wouldn’t be angry with fingers that long and pointy; it must be a nightmare to roll a ciggie.

This a is a pre-alpha look at System Shock 3, so keep your expectations in check. Its chief purpose seems to be the show off the capabilities of the Unity engine, and on that front, it’s looking pretty solid if unspectacular.

It definitely looks like a System Shock game, there’s no doubt about that, although it’s hard to discern exactly what we can expect from this sequel. As a franchise, System Shock has always been pretty forward thinking, so we’re keen to hear of any potential advancements on what is now a well worn immersive sim genre.

No word on a release date just yet, although the race is on to see whether System Shock 3 or the System Shock Remake is with us first. Considering the development strife of the latter, we’d bank on the former.