System Shock Remake
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Yesterday brought us the briefest of System Shock 3 teases, and now it’s the turn of the original System Shock, a game which is being remade at Nightdive Studios. System Shock Remake has been in a bit of development strife lately but Nightdive has put all the rumours to bed with an extensive 21-minute gameplay video showing off the entire Medical Level.

Nightdive is keen to reinforce this isn’t the final version of the game. There are missing enemies that you be expecting, as well as missing weapons, sounds, and effects.

This is actually really damn good already. There’s a few bits and bobs that still look a bit rough around the edges but it’s certainly keeping the core aesthetic that makes System Shock tick while adding some pretty lavish new environments and a few extra quality-of-life features to bring it up-to-date for a modern gaming audience. The maze-like level layouts look as if they’re unchanged; Nightdive is evidently keen to stay true to the original.

System Shock Remake is a game that’s already oozing atmosphere so we could be set to have a bit of a treat on our hands whenever it finally arrives.