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Microsoft and 343 Industries have been clarifying a few key points about the Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC, teasing out plenty more details on what we can expect.

There were a ton of little bits of info revealed during the Reddit AMA, so I’ve broken it down into a few key highlights.

Will Halo: Master Chief Collection run on Windows 7?- The Steam version of Halo: MCC will be coming to Windows 7 along with Windows 10, while Windows 8 support is still being decided. The Microsoft Store version will be exclusive to Windows 10.

PC exclusive features - The plan is currently for each and every game in the collection to have uncapped frame rates, FOV sliders, ultra-wide monitor support, and mouse & keyboard support. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though, as PC players will miss out on split-screen support.

Will Halo have Cross-platform multiplayer? - PC players will not play together with Xbox One players regardless of which version they buy. Halo players on Steam and the Microsoft Store will play together. 343 Industries has said it’s looking into cross-platform multiplayer but it won’t be in at launch.

Does Halo PC have Mod support? - There’ll be no mod support at launch, not support for the Halo Forge level creation tools. Mod support hasn’t been ruled out entirely though, with 343 Industries saying: “We are working closely with the members of the modding community (including some friends on the ElDewrito team) to explore our options for “official” mod support, but we won’t have this at launch.”

How are the Halo PC games being sold? - Each of the six Halo games in Halo: The Master Chief Collection will have to be bought individually at launch. It sounds as if they’ll be able to be bought in a bundle once they’re all out. No details on pricing yet either, but it’s sounding as if buying them individually could add up.

Will there be dedicated servers for Halo: MCC? There will be dedicated servers for matchmaking in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. However, there will be no 24/7 custom dedicated servers nor custom server browsers, at least at launch.

A mixed bag then, for sure, with the lack of custom dedicated servers and the inability to buy the complete package of games feeling like particular sore points. These are things that can be easily rectified in time though, and 343 Industries sound very committed to making the Halo Collection on PC the best it can be.

Signups are now live for the Halo Reach PC test, which we're expecting to go live fairly shortly.