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Remedy Entertainment has confirmed Control will be launching on August 27th worldwide.

Yesterday it emerged Epic Games had snagged Epic Games Store exclusivity for the PC release, ensuring Control will only be available on the Epic Store, PS4, and Xbox One for the first year after its launch.

It, therefore, stands to reason Control will come to Steam on August 27th, 2020, once the one-year timed exclusivity is up. If you're in the group opposed to Epic's wheeling and dealing then it goes without saying that buying Control on Steam absolutely still sends out the message you're okay with exclusivity deals and you'll still buy the games regardless. The choice, as ever, is all yours.

But what is it you'd be paying for? Well, in typical Remedy form, Control will be a supernatural third-person shooter with telekinetic powers, this time set in The Oldest House, the shapeshifting hub of the Department of Control. In Control you play as Jesse Faden, the new chief of Control, tasked with investigating paranormal goings-on at the agency’s New York office. Cut otherworldly threats, slow-motion shooting, positively mad environments, and flying, lots of flying. You know, Remedy stuff.