Tucked in among Epic’s frantic week at GDC 2019 was ‘Troll’, a new state-of-the-art real-time ray-tracing showcase built using Unreal Engine 4.22, as well as Rebirth, a look a photorealism tech in UE4.

Troll was unveiled during Epic’s ‘State of Unreal’ panel, showcasing cinematic quality lighting effects alongside ray-traced reflections and shadows.

Created by Goodbye Kansas and Deep Forest Films, Troll is actually being turned into a full movie starring Alicia Vikander, she of bang-average Tomb Raider movie fame. It’s an undoubtedly impressive showcase, and demonstrates what UE4 is theoretically capable of in the right hands.

The goodies didn’t end there either, and something altogether more game-centric was also showcased. ‘Rebirth’ is a tech demo designed to show off the photorealistic capabilities of Unreal Engine 4.  We get the usually ultra-zoom close up of rocks that we’ve had a million times before, but we also see how photogrammetry can be used to build huge, near-perfect looking environments, both real and, er, unreal.

It’s a tantalising taste of just what could be possible in the not too distant future. Rebirth was created by a team of just three artists using an unmodified version of Unreal Engine 4.22.