Narratively, a large proportion of The Witcher 3’s quests were second to none. Design-wise they could be a little one-note though, particularly when going through the motions of scanning the area with Witcher sense, finding what you need, and handing the quest in. Cyberpunk 2077’s quest design promises to much more complex, however, with quest designer Philipp Weber claim quests in Cyberpunk 2077 are typically 3-5 times more elaborate than The Witcher 3.

Speaking on Reddit, Weber said:

 “As a bit of context, since this was taken from a German podcast, and some things might get lost in translation: What I was saying was that as a quest designer, I now have to consider the different new opportunities we offer (like using Netrunning Skills, etc.) and how using those often gives you more ways how to solve a quest  (as an example, 3 to 5 [ways to resolve] in some cases), or challenges within a quest.

"This naturally makes quest designs more complex in some areas, but it’s honestly great fun to do."

In the sense that a ton of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s quests had a single solution, or sometimes pair of solutions, Cyberpunk 2077 will grant players with that tools to do things their way. The more emergent world design in CP2077 naturally leads to a greater variety of player choice, whether that’s in sneaking into an apartment undetected or putting a bullet through the head of a security guard.

Recently, CD Projekt RED confirmed to investors that it plans to release two AAA titles by 2021, prompting a flurry of rumours that Cyberpunk 2077 could be with us sooner than expected. The most optimistic among us are still praying for a 2019 announcement, but a 2020 release is almost assuredly on the cards

As for that other project, well, let’s have your answers on a postcard please. There have been persistent rumours of another title set in The Witcher universe, this time without Geralt as the star of the show.