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Team 17 and Black Matter have announced World War 2 multiplayer shooter ‘Hell Let Loose’ will be coming to Steam Early Access on June 6th.

Preorders to Hell Let Loose are now live, priced at £24.99, and that’ll get you access for yourself and two friends to three upcoming beta tests. The first of these tests will take place on April 5th, so you’ll find out pretty quickly whether your £25 has gone up in smoke or not. I should imagine you can’t ask for a refund if you’ve redeemed the two buddy keys, so tread carefully.

The Hell Let Loose beta test will include the Sainte-Marie-du-Mont map, the location of a battle between the American 101st Airborne Division and the German Wehrmacht on D-Day, June 6, 1944. On top of this, you also get access to the Hürtgen Forest map, which probably tugs on a few nostalgia bones for long-time Call of duty fans. It’s the Americans versus the Germans again, this time during the winter of 1944, set across a sprawling wooded map.

For the uninitiated, Hell Let Loose is a team-based 50v50 shooter set during the Second World War. Players must coordinate in order to capture various sectors, opening up supply lines, and pushing the frontlines forward. “Authenticity is key, and players will be able to experience history using a realistic period arsenal, with accurate weapon behaviour,” says Team 17.

Hell Let Loose looks like a game with a great deal of promise, although we won’t know for sure until folks can get hands-on with it. With 100-player battles, it’s going to be extremely reliant on a high player-count, however, so it’s going to need to get off to a bit of roaring start if it hopes to succeed.