Patholigic 2 is a Reimagining of a Cult Classic and it's Out in May - New Trailer

Written by Stuart Thomas on Sat, Mar 30, 2019 1:24 PM
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Tiny Build Games has revealed Pathologic 2 will be launching on May 23rd, as well as dropping a bizarre, thoroughly downbeat trailer for the narrative-driven survival thriller.

The original Pathologic was an ambitious horror game that flew under the radar when it first launched in 2006. Since then it went on to become something of a cult-classic, earning a very favourable reception in its home territory of Russia. Despite this, Pathologic has largely been forgotten; a curio from a different time.

That was until Pathologic 2 popped up out of nowhere in 2014, beginning life as a Kickstarter project before eventually being picked up by indie publisher Tiny Build in 2017. Oddly, Pathologic 2 isn’t a sequel but a remake, or a reimagining, of the original Pathologic.

Pathologic 2 is set in a rural town, one which has become ground zero for a mysterious and deadly viral outbreak killing the town’s population in the hundreds. Players rock up as a healer to find a society in collapse, making deadly, life-changing decisions like it’s going out of fashion. The healer has 12 days to figure out what’s happening and how to stop it, wandering about the town and meeting the locals, looting, stealing, bartering, and murdering your way to the truth as time ticks down.

But anyway, enough nattering on, here’s the trailer you’re probably keen on watching by now:

Pathologic 2 comes to PC (through Steam!) on May 23rd.

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I like the vibe


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