It’s a game that’s been rumoured for so long it didn’t exactly come as a surprise when it finally happened, but Borderlands 3 is the real deal and it’s coming within the next year.

It looks, I think we can agree, like a bigger, better, more chaotic version of what’s come before. The type of sequel that revels in bigger numbers rather than groundbreaking mechanical changes, breaking more world records for most weapons in a game, throwing in multiple planets, new playable characters, and more, more, more.

For a lot of people, that’s going to tick a lot of boxes. Borderlands 2 sold like gangbusters, and even with the countless DLC add-ons, there’s going to be millions that are thirsting for more of that looter shooter goodness. It was always a pioneering game in many respects, carving the path for the likes of Destiny and The Division to follow in its wake. Borderlands is a simpler, more immediate take on that genre, and arguably all the better for it. No extraneous bullshit, just the good stuff straight into your veins.

I’m actually sitting here talking myself into being hyped for it now, so I probably need to calm lest I smash that pre-order button with the fury of Thor’s hammer.

But I’m not going to get ahead of myself here, because seven years is a long and I think it’s fair to expect some pretty fundamental changes to what is a well-worn formula. Hype is built on a foundation of excitement, and there was precious little to get excited about in the Borderlands 3 trailer, aside from a few smaller improvements like walking turret guns and the potential for mechs. Borderlands 3 looks as if it’s painting between the lines of Borderlands 2 rather than forging its own path.

Whatever your take on Borderlands 3, I think we can all come to a harmonious agreement that it’s a better result for us than Battleborn 2, so there’s room for cheer all-round on that front.

So then, are you excited to finally be getting Borderlands 3? Has it taken a direction you're happy with, or would you have preferred to see some different ideas?

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"Its just a reveal ..not a gameplay trailer ..we still dont know what new gameplay mechanics the game has to offer ..wait for it"
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