Obsidian Showcases 20 Minutes of 'The Outer World' Gameplay Set in a Gleaming Sci-Fi City

Written by Stuart Thomas on Mon, Apr 1, 2019 2:30 PM
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Controversial Epic Games Store exclusive The Outer Worlds was out in full force at PAX East 2019 last week. Obsidian’s sci-fi RPG was being shown off by the developers themselves, including a full 20-minute gameplay walkthrough of the opening portion of the game.

If spoilers get you all angsty then you’ll probably want to give this a wide berth. There’s not a huge amount narratively that’s given away, but this is an opening chunk of the game and obviously spoils a number of systems and elements.

As the protagonist, you become lost in transit on a colonist ship, awakening decades later to find yourself wrapped up in a conspiracy amongst a colony you don’t even know, in a galaxy you didn't even know existed. This explains away the usual amnesia present at the start of any RPG, setting the player off on a planet-hopping journey, building their characters, finding companions, and attempting to save the galaxy.

There’s a ton of Fallout: New Vegas and BioShock vibes in what’s on offer here. Visually, The Outer Worlds draws a lot of obvious comparisons with Irrational Games’ classic series, together with the complex choices, freedom, and stat-guzzling elements of Fallout: New Vegas.

It’s certainly a game that falls well outside of the AAA remit, at least visually, but it appears as if Obsidian is choosing to focus its efforts on narrative and character development. You’ve got to pick and choose your battles, basically, and Obsidian has evidently identified its key strengths.

The Outer Worlds is out later in 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It’ll be an Epic Games Store and Windows Store exclusive for one year on PC, after which Obsidian and publisher Take-Two will be free to release it wherever they see fit.

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09:28 Apr-02-2019

yawn... call me next year.

08:13 Apr-02-2019

Really doesn't look too impressive. I know it's more an RPG than a shooter, but the gunplay looks really awful which kinda sucks when shooting is the primary way of combat.

16:07 Apr-02-2019

Yeah, hopefully the RPG department is where this game shines. I'm really not into this whole slow down time thing.

admin approved badge
15:05 Apr-01-2019

Looks pretty clunky and then there's the whole Epic situation. I think I'll get it when it has matured in Steam.

14:39 Apr-01-2019

going for rage 2 instead . was really looking forward to getting this game day 1 over rage 2 but you know the not epic situation they put themselves in


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