We Happy Few
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It’s been out for almost a year but We Happy Few has finally received the first DLC expansion from its three-part season pass. They Came From Below is all very retro sci-fi, featuring a robot uprising that occurs in the seemingly quaint town of Wellington Wells.

Deep below the English streets lies a secret laboratory which appears to be the source of these metallic menaces. Nothing’s ever that simple though, and before long there’s talk of aliens and portals into other universes.

We Happy Few - They Came From Below features all new areas and levels to explore, as well as weapons such as the transforming ray gun and the time-altering Chronobomb.

Intriguingly, all of the crafting and survival mechanics from the base game have been thrown out for this expansion, leaving players to explore Dr. Faraday’s secret lab in a more traditional story-driven experience.

Compulsion Games have no doubt been busy trying to fix a few glaring issues with the base game before moving onto this, so it’ll certainly be interesting to see how We Happy Few has evolved over the past nine months.

I'll try and boot it up this weekend but if anyone's given it a shot lately do let us know about it below!