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Judgment isn’t a game that hasn’t been without its fair share of controversy during the wait to come West. Known as Judge Eyes in Japan, the game was pulled from store shelves last month after one of the character actors was arrested under cocaine charges. Sega has since confirmed this won’t affect Judgment’s Western release, however, with the game still on track to launch on PS4 on June 25th.

The martial arts legal thriller may not be confined to Sony’s box forever though, with developer Ryu ga Gotoku Studio openly admitting Steam helps to find a wider audience for its games with relative ease.

“I think the hurdles have been lowered by putting on Steam,” said Judgment's producer Kazuki Hosokawa during an interview with IGN Japan. “I think that we were able to increase the player base because people who do not have PS4 can also play the games. At present, "Judge Eyes" has not been decided yet, but it is considered as one of the options. We are in the process of considering the possibilities not only for Steam but also for other formats.”

It sounds as if the process of bringing Judgment to PC is pretty straightforward. The studio has already brought Yakuza Zero and Kiwami to PC with only a few minor hitches, while Kiwami 2 looks to be right around the corner. Judgment’s arguably got even smaller niche appeal than Yakuza so anything that can be done to broaden the audience and ensure Ryu ga Gotoku’s games keep coming West seems like a bonus.

A legal thriller set in the Yakuza universe with OTT combat ticks so many of my boxes it's unreal. It could end up being L.A. Noire without the yawning, which sounds like a potent combination.

Judgment comes to PS4 on June 25th.