Capcom has announced the long-teased crossover event between Monster Hunter World and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be taking place from May 9th.

The sixth title update for MonHun World drops on Thursday, May 9 00:00 UTC and welcomes Geralt of Rivia to the fray. Geralt will become an actual playable character in Monster Hunter World, allowing players to work through a new unique quest in order to take down the ‘Leshen’, a magic-fuelled monster that resides deep within the forest. The Leshen should be immediately recognisable to Witcher fans with its skull mask and antlers, able to use its magic to control the animals and plants within its territory.

Capcom is touting some light RPG elements for this new quest, including side objectives and investigation elements. Completing the single-player-only special assignment unlocks a special item, new guild card background, and unique poses and titles.

On top of this, you’ll be able to earn the necessary materials needed to craft a Geralt full armour set, as well as the ‘Witcher’s Silver Sword and Shield’ combo. Going a step further, completing all of the bonus objectives in the Witcher questline will unlock a Nekker armour set for your Palico and a Cursed Staff weapon.

All that will be added permanently to Monster Hunter World, free of charge, of May 9th. It’ll also be joined by a ‘Woodland Spirit’ event quest that’s time-limited, running from May 17th to May 30th. This includes an ultra-hard new quest that’ll unlock Ciri’s armour, ‘Zireal’ dual blades, and materials for Geralt Layer Armour and Ciri Layered Armour.

It sounds like a good chunk of stuff to get busy with, and a lovely little touch for fans of both series.