Iron Harvest
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Deep Silver has just inked a deal with German studio King Art to publish Iron Harvest. The Kickstarter-funded strategy game has been in development for quite a while now, presenting an alternate history post-World War 1 scenario in which Europe is battling with Steampunk robots.

“Over a dozen publishers have voiced interest in publishing Iron Harvest,” wrote King Art in a statement. “We spoke to everyone and entered negotiations with a handful. In the end, we have partnered with the publisher we think is the perfect fit for Iron Harvest: Deep Silver.

“Deep Silver are mostly known for publishing the Metro, Saint’s Row and Dead Island series. They’ve also proven that they can support crowdfunded games with such hits as Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Wasteland 2 and Pathfinder: Kingmaker.”

Part of the deal with Deep Silver ensures King Art will retain total creative control over Iron Harvest, so there should be little to worry about on that front. Deep Silver will handle third-party relations, production, and, of course, publishing.

“We both agree that Iron Harvest is a great opportunity to make a mark on the RTS genre and to release something special. We’re super happy to have found a team that is so committed to the project!”

Hopefully for King Art, this doesn’t include publicising their game on a seething cesspool of a forum.

Of course, THQ Nordic/Deep Silver’s involvement does raise a few questions about Epic Store exclusivity. On that front, KingArt has told backers that Iron Harvest will be available to backers on Steam and GOG at launch. No Epic Store exclusivity then, at least for now.