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And a glorious new weekend is upon us. The major new releases have dried up after the Q1 rush and it’s become the perfect time to get tucked into the backlog or replay some gems before the E3 2019 madness rolls around.

These last few weeks haven't been totally devoid of new games to play though, what with the likes of Phoenix Wright, Dangerous Driving, Tropico 6, The Division 2, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. There shouldn't be something for every in that little lot.

So then, onto the important stuff, the weekend's gaming plans...

Jon: I’ve borrowed a copy of Detroit: Become Human so I’m going to give that try, for my sins. David Cage games haven’t really resonated for me outside of Heavy Rain, a game which was very much of its time. Detroit: Become Human, at the very least, looks absolutely gorgeous though, so I’m keen to have a quick blast through the story and see if it weaves an enticing tale of downtrodden androids. I’m also pretty excited to see just how good Detroit can look with the power of a high-end PC behind it when it arrives later this year. I never thought we’d see the day where it would come to PC but it should one hell of a looker.

Other than that, I’ve got a fairly blank slate. I’ll no doubt tuck into a bit more of Battlefield V. It’s my between-games comfort food at the moment. DICE continues to add just enough to keep me hooked and busy, and I’ve actually found the Firestorm battle royale mode to be an impressive beast. It’s not without its fair share of problems but it certainly feels like it’s its own thing.

What are your gaming plans for this weekend? Snagged any new bargains in the Spring Sales? Let us know below!