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It’s nearly E3 so it’s time to board the Splinter Cell hype merry-go-round once again. A year on from the moment when Ubisoft added a Splinter Cell-themed mission to Ghost Recon Wildlands like some cruel, twisted joke, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has been talking Sam Fisher again.

Speaking on an IGN podcast, Guillemot was asked why the Splinter Cell franchise is so quiet these days.

“When you create a game, you have to make sure you come with something different enough from what you did before,” he said.

Guillemot goes on to explain that the mixed reaction to Splinter Cell Blacklist from some sections of its fanbase caused Ubisoft to take a step back from the franchise for a while. I don’t know what their issues were in particular, Blacklist always seemed like a fantastic game. After its launch though, Guillemot said Ubisoft’s development teams were “anxious” in how they would handle a new game in the series.

Fast forward to today and it sounds as if something is indeed stirring. “Now, there are some people looking at, ah, the brand, taking care of the brand,” Guillemot said. “So at some point, you will see something. I can’t say more than that.”

That right there is all the confirmation you could need that a new Splinter Cell is happening. Now it’s just a question of when. Ubisoft has been dodging around the issue for a while now but we reckon we can’t be more than a year or two off from hearing something more concrete.