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It may not have quite lit a spark like Life is Strange’s first season did, but Dontnod’s Vampyr has proven a quiet success. The vampiric narrative-driven action adventure has now sold more than one million copies to date, a figure which isn’t bad at all for a game which falls well under the bar for AAA.

Evidently, it’s pleased publisher Focus Home Interactive as well, because the French publisher has inked a new deal with Dontnod to collaborate on a new project that is set to be the most ambitious game ever to come from the publisher.

“We are delighted to continue the adventure with the team at Dontnod who have already amply demonstrated their talents to create rich universes, enhanced by a masterful narrative and unique artistic direction. We are proud to once again allow the talent of the studio to express itself on this new project which is intended to be among the most ambitious in the history of Focus and Dontnod” said John Bert, COO of Focus Home Interactive.

“We are excited to be strengthening our successful relationship with Focus Home Interactive," said Dontnod CEO Oskar Guilbert. "Their proven and effective marketing, their ability to address new digital distribution channels, their experienced teams and the convergence of our editorial visions makes Focus an ideal partner for our new game. Vampyr is a great success and we are very happy to develop this partnership with this exciting new project. "

Exciting times for Dontnod then, a studio that continues to impressively grow its output. It now has Life is Strange 2 releasing piecemeal, Twin Mirror right around the corner, and this new, unannounced title from Focus coming in the pipeline.

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"I really enjoyed vampyr..the combat was fairly basic but the world and narrative was fantastic. I look forward to seeing Dontnod's next project!"