Promising Nikola Tesla-inspired horror adventure game Close to the Sun will be launching on PC on May 2nd, Wired Productions and Storm in a Teacup have announced. The Epic Store exclusive is available to pre-purchase now for £24.99/$29.99/€29.99.

Close to the Sun is set aboard a giant ship known as the Helios, during an alternate 19th century. It’s a meeting place the scientific world’s greatest minds, so on that front it’s all a bit ‘Rapture’.

As meetings of all the great minds tend to, in fiction at least, it all goes a bit wrong. Very wrong, in fact, and the Helios is an abandoned scientific research vessel with empty corridors that stinks of rotting flesh. It’s now 1897 and journalist Rose Archer decides it’s time to board this ship and find out what happened to her sister Ada. Cue pant-wetting scares and liberal amounts of blood daubed on the walls.

“May 2 can’t come quick enough for us,” said Leo Zullo, managing director, Wired Productions. “Our partnership with the amazing team at Epic Games has not only accelerated the development process of Close to the Sun in terms of accessing the sheer pixel-pushing grunt of Unreal Engine 4, but allowed the incredibly talented Storm in a Teacup team to showcase their collective talents to deliver a truly memorable and breath-taking first-person horror adventure.”   

Close to the Sun arrives on the Epic Game Store on May 2nd, with a console release to follow later in 2019.