World War Z
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We’re fast rolling up to World War Z’s April 16th launch date on PC and consoles. The zombies are infected, humanity is on its last knees, and it’s about time four people teamed up and gained down each and every thing that movies.

As it’s launch week, that means it’s launch trailer time too, and an opportunity for one final shot at showing off World War Z’s swarms of hundreds of fast-moving, ravenous zombies out for blood. I haven’t Guinness World Records’ official verdict on this, but I’d hazard a guess we could have a record-breaker on our hands in terms of the number of zombies on-screen at any one time. Frank West probably wants a word on that front though, as days Days ‘not zombies’ Gone.

Odd song choice mind, using a protest song against war to promote a game set amid the zombie apocalypse. I’m sure there’s some bizarre logic going on there, and it’s probably nothing more than the song’s called War and their game has ‘War’ in the title but, er, yeah. I think the Watch Dogs 3 trailer definitely needs to be soundtracked by Who Let The Dogs Out, and Doom Eternal’s launch trailer definitely needs some of The Bangles - Eternal Flame. Someone in marketing, hire me quick.

World War Z comes to PC (via the Epic Store), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 16th.